Today is All About Avatars

Avatars really provide deep insights into the psyche of a person.  Often a person will chose an avatar that represents a self-image, sometime flattering, sometimes insulting.  If flattering, perhaps the person is vain, or perhaps insecure.  If insulting, perhaps the person is trying to surpress vanity, or insecurity.  If the person declines to use an avatar, the person is probably hiding their vain or insecure nature.  Are avatars necessarily a self image?  No, of course not.  Perhaps the avatar pretends NOT to be a self image.  Maybe it’s a dragon?  No, no, I’m pretty sure that just means the person is vain or insecure.  Now, mine, on the other hand, singularly reflect my awesome nature.  Whimsical, to be sure.  But awesome.  Modest, caring, and, well, awesome.

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a longer post about why this blog exists is to come, but right now I wanted to bookmark some interesting posts and sites:

– The Brazilian Blowout – Glamour’s article, NYT’s article, Nicole Richie’s blog post

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